Whirlwinds: Where Has The Summer Gone?

Are you like me as I looked at the calendar this morning and had to gasp, “Where has the summer gone?”
Now I understand this is pretty much the norm for those with school-age children. Trust me, we lived those years that were blurs of getting 4-H’ers ready for the fair, going to camps, swimming lessons and more. But Hubby and I have been empty nesters for five years now and once you reach that stage in life you usually get your summers back.
Not so this summer. Between writing feverishly on the Farm Bureau book, traveling for the Nebraska Sesquicentennial Commission, hosting two major family gatherings and trying to keep ahead of the weeds in the yard and garden (sadly they are winning again), I find myself at Aug. 30 wondering how I’ll handle moving into fall.
Hubby is the same way.  He’s had numerous Natural Resources Commission, church, museum and farm organization meetings, all on top of the normal summer farming routine.
Thankfully the first part of the summer we received enough timely rains that we never got behind on irrigating. There wasn’t the normal frenzy to lay out irrigation pipe and consequently much fewer mistakes were made that needed correction. We’ve managed to keep the circles made by the pivots at a minimum and only this week had to run a full-out series of settings on all the gravity fields.
Throw in the fact that my brother and his wife and our daughter and son-in-law all moved within two weeks of each other and you get another dose of craziness. At least we weren’t required to assist with either of those moves as friends and family members closer to their locales got drafted for the heavy lifting. Still we had some adjustments, as we were able to send a few items the daughter’s way for use in their new home and reviewed what if any family mementos needed relocating from the home place as it sold.
I’ve tried hard to savor a few minutes here and there either on my travels or on some of the rare quiet mornings on Batie Hof. Those and some precious visits with family and friends thrown in the mix have helped me keep somewhat level throughout the entire blur.
While harvest will be it’s own type of chaos, it will signal the winding down of the growing season and I am so looking forward to late fall and early winter, when many of our big projects will be finished. 

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