Tenneco/Monroe Facility Demolition Permits Currently Being Processed

Cozad Eagle LLC, owners of the former Tenneco/Monroe facility located at 121 Meridian Ave. have some very interesting ideas for the future use of the property.  Demolition permits are being processed by both the City of Cozad and Nebraska Department of Health and this is just the first step.  Manohar Singh Mann; one of the owners, stated that “we believe that renewable energy is a must, the carbon footprint has to be reduced so our children and grandchildren will have clean air to breathe and a climate that they can live in.”  Preliminary studies suggest that the site could work for a renewable energy plant but further studies and work with the local, state and federal agencies must be completed. 
Robyn Geiser, Executive Director of Cozad Development Corporation stated, “The ownership group is focused on optimizing the 26-Acre Tract and having a positive impact on our environment.  I am excited about the potential projects being explored for the former Tenneco site and look forward to working with Mr. Mann and his entire team.”

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