Hard Work Pays Off With White's Growing Mowing Operation

Working harder and smarter has been the intuition that has propelled Isaac White of Cozad to great success this Summer. 
Isaac White will be a sixth grader at Cozad Middle School this fall, but it is his efforts this Summer that are standing out in the crowd. White has been mowing lawns for a couple years and has even been called to assist Brian Messersmith’s Mowing Service. 
Until just recently, Isaac White could be seen pushing his mower down the street or waiting until his father Chris White got off of work to complete his mowing service jobs. With his own intuition and gumption, Isaac White started the research on buying or building a wagon for his bike to carry his lawn mower and expand his business. With the assistance of his grandpa Jim Harms of Kansas, Isaac White assembled a cart from scratch in two days that can be pulled by his bike. The cart is big enough to hold his lawn mower, a weed eater and a gas can with room to spare. He is excited about the future of mowing more and more lawns.  
“It warms the heart a little bit to see Isaac want to go outside and work hard during the hot Summer days,” expressed Amanda White, his mother.

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