Crew For Dawson County Hero Flight Unveiled

The Dawson County Hero Flight will return to Washington D.C. this fall with the second crew of veterans. The group completed its first flight last April, taking 25 veterans to the nation’s capital.
“From the very beginning, the goal of group has been to conduct multiple flights,” explained one of the organizers Steve Zerr. “We want to recognize and show our appreciation for as many veterans as possible.”
The upcoming flight is a little different, in that veterans are not limited to just Dawson County residents. “For the first flight, we had several from outside Dawson County that applied,” Zerr explained. 
The upcoming flight will depart September 28th from Heartland Military Museum and return Oct. 1st.
Members of the second flight are:
Roger Wahlgren – Gothenburg
Jerry Hemphill – Cozad
Max Weismann – Holdrege
Reginald Yates – Ashland
Clayton Schubert – Wilcox
Melvin Abels – Kearney
Roger Koch – Cozad
Gary Hosick – Cozad
Charles Licking – Lexington
Gary Moritz – Lexington
Darrell Bliven – Lexington
Raymond Kounovsky – Lexington
Rodney Holtz – Lexington
Gary Reiber – Lexington
Gerald Lauby – Lexington
Lester Elliott – Cozad
Charles DeHarty – Eustis
David Baack – Cozad
Carroll Landstrom – Axtell
Ron Leininger – Lexington
Dale Block – Gothenburg
Richard Ostergard – Gothenburg
Winston Simon – Gothenburg
William Jensen – Lexington
Fredrick Ward – Lexington
Included in this crew are 14 Army veterans, one Air Force veteran, six Navy veterans and four Marines. Vietnam veterans make up the bulk of the crew, accounting for 15 of the 25, with seven Korean era veterans, one World War II veteran and two peacetime veterans.

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