Cowan's Appointment To Veterans Service Board Approved

The Dawson County Board of Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Thursday, June 23, 2016.
Resolution #2016-19 was approved, granting Gothenburg State Bank to recall $200,000 of collateral and replace it with $135,000 of collateral.
Chairman Everett (Butch) Hagan reported that the restrooms at the Dawson County Fairgrounds are being worked on in preparation for the county fair in July.
Dawson County Sheriff Gary Reiber appeared with the May 2016 crime reports.
Reiber noted that there were 400 more LEC dispatch calls for service during May than in the past several months.
Average daily population in the Dawson County Jail was down from the month of April. 53.1 per cent were contract inmates and Dawson County inmates were at a 20-year low.
Board members approved the recommendation of the Veterans Service Committee to appoint Andrew Cowan to the Veterans Service Board.
Deputy County Attorney Kate Gatewood requested that the board enter into executive session to discuss the agreement for the Gothenburg Tower Lease and for the purpose of protecting public 
The commissioners approved the negotiated price for the Gothenburg communication lease.
Sandra Bappe, Cozad Area Chamber of Commerce Director, was reappointed to the Dawson County Visitors Committee for the four-year term beginning in July 2016.
Pam Holbrook, Zoning Administrator appeared to discuss the Marvin & Associates contract.
Holbrook had met with Commissioners Bill Stewart and PJ Jacobson on June 14th regarding the contract.
The commissioners approved the Marvin & Associates agreement.
The board opened a public hearing regarding amending the Mid-West Drug Court local fund budget for the current fiscal year. There were unexpected expenses of $3,800.04. It was noted that there were local fund budget dollars available in the Mid-West Drug Court Local Revenue Fund and these will be transferred.
Chairman Hagan then opened the public hearing regarding amending the CED Fund Budget for the year 2016-2017. This fund also experienced unexpected expenses in the amount of $14,529.35.
Upon closure of the public hearing, it was decided that funds were available in the Lottery Revenue Fund and would be transferred to the Mid-West Drug Court.
The final agenda item was to approve a resolution to transfer budget authority in the amounts of $3,247.00 for the County Assessor and $1,689.81 for the County Court.
Prior to the Board of Commissioners meeting, the Dawson County Board of Equalization met.
Approval was granted to approve the Overton Rodeo Club’s request of waiving the real property tax deadline.
Tax exemptions were approved as presented for the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles, the Overton Rodeo Club and the Islamic Center of Lexington.
Requests for tax corrections were approved for Cornhusker Energy (personal property), Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District from Jeffery Ranch (parcels on spreadsheet), Nebraskaland Tire, Hillside Farms, Inc. and Streit LTD.
The next meeting for the Dawson County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Friday, July 1, 2016 beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room of the Dawson County Courthouse in Lexington, Nebraska.

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