Sports Thinking Outloud:

The use of communcation in sports can be heard but also seen. There are many different indicators of how and when coaches communicate with athletes and the different ways that athletes communicate with each other usually results in success depending on if the two athletes are speaking on the same wavelength and are on the same channel. 

Verbally, the call in basketball and football can result in the athletes performing different skills without the defense knowing what the call that was made. 
In the stick-and-ball sports, such as baseball and softball; the variety of signals and communication is key to the success of teams. I am not just speaking of the pitches that are signaled from pitcher and catcher but also the signs that are seen by infielders and then relayed to outfieders. This chain of signals results in the outfielders knowing where the pitch is to be thrown to give them an idea on which direction to lean towards potentially in case the ball is hit. 
We all know that the base coaches will make signals that include an indicator to signal steals, bunts, take a pitch, hit and run, and swing away, etc. It is key to almost make it look as that you are itching the different regions of the body to not show any irregular responses and give away the indicator. I remember a coach that was insistant that his athlete look down for a signal every pitch, after the athlete missed the call on the first two pitches. The coach responded loud and with a sense of authority, “bunt”. I have tried to get you to do it the first two pitches and you didn’t even attempt to kill a fly. The batter then bunted into a double-play as a result of finally following the coaches order. 
When communicating with athletes, I feel that it is quite similar to speaking with anybody right in front of you, using the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid. There are always those that feel that they need to out smart others, why not keep it simple and then athletes are able to perform at 100 miles per hour instead of with the yield sign visible while traveling at a snails pace because they aren’t sure what the signal or communication meant. 
Communication is key to success in sports as well as everyday living, a prime example is your alarm, as it is the first to speak to you each morning. 

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