Cozad School Board Discusses Use Of School Buses For Nebraska Fly-In & Air Show

The Cozad Board of Education met for on Monday.
Under Public Comments, Connie Donner, Mid-State Aviation II Inc. appeared to approach the board in regards to her daughter Allison’s request to use the school buses and drivers to shuttle patrons to the State Fly-In & Air Show at the airport on June 10 and 11.
   Brad Staton of Staton Insurance was also present. The blanket liability insurance policy for the event will cover anything not covered by school insurance.
   Cozad Chamber of Commerce Director Sandy Bappe informed the board members over five thousand visitors are expected to attend the event and that adequate parking is not available so the two shuttle vans that have already been acquired won’t be sufficient.
   Later on in the meeting, the board reviewed the current policy on the use of buses that was established in 1998. The current policy states that the buses will only be used for school-related activities.
   The four board members present agreed that this policy needs to be revisited as they understand the importance of this event for our community.
Superintendent Applegate informed the members that this needs to placed on the agenda as an ‘action item’ and the board agreed to schedule a special meeting and inform the Donners of their decision.
Under Administrative Reports, Superintendent Applegate reported that the new van has arrived. He has met with representatives from each of the district’s buildings to continue discussion of beliefs and values for the strategic planning process.
   Approval was given to transfer $6,000.00 from the General Fund to the Athletics Activity Account.
   Approval was granted to employ the following certified staff for the 2016-2016 school year: Morgan Williams, Elementary Second Grade Teacher; Amanda Rossell, High School Family Consumer Science Teacher and Sophia Weiner, High School Math Teacher.
   Discussion was held on the milk bid for the upcoming school year.  The item was tabled and will be further discussed and voted on at the June meeting.
   The Student and Staff Responsible Use Agreement for 2016-2017 was approved as presented.
   Board members accepted the proposal from Kucirek Engineering Incorporated in the amount of $2,750.00 for the Demand Charge Evaluation for the school system. It is hoped that the district may save costs on electrical charges in the future.
   The Board of Education regular meeting calendar for 2016-2017 received approval.
   Administrative Contracts and Salaries for Jill Beckenhauer, William Beckenhauer, Dave Evertson, Dale Henderson, Debra Keller, Brian Regelin and Cory Spotanski were approved for the 2016-2017 school year. Although their salaries will remain frozen, their insurance packages will increase.
   Also approved were the 2016-2017 classified staff salary packages. This includes cooks, custodians and Para educators. 
   The First Reading of the board policy relating to electronic devices was read. Revisions need to be made to the policy with new wording utilized.
   The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 18 at 7:00 p.m. 

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