It isn’t everyday that a person gets to walk among greatness, but for just one instance I got the pleasure of seeing excellence with my own two eyes within an arms length on Thursday morning, right here in the 100th Meridian City. 
I am not speaking of my own playing days or seeing a dynamic athletic performance achieving the elite status of a personal record, school record or even a state record mark. 
I have bumped elbows literally with one of the greatest coaches to ever step on the sidelines of a football field. Many people are not thinking to themselves that this feat isn’t very far up the mountain, many of you have seen former Nebraska Football coach Tom Osborne and traded greetings with him. Sorry to disappoint you but that isn’t who I am speaking of. Former Grambling State Head Coach Eddie Robinson was once walking on the sidewalk around Memorial Stadium in Lincoln on a gameday back in 1998, when I walked through a blocked off sidewalk and bumped into the man himself. If given the chance, I think I could have won the battle of him being on the tracks when the train is coming through. Who am I kidding, I would have put it in reverse and let him continue his walk forward. We both gave way to each other until I finished the journey across the sidewalk, since I was already half way across. This is just a small glimpse in history that I got to bump elbows with greatness, just one instance that that happened in my history. Many people of Cozad get the chance each and everyday to follow the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ to excellence. 
This past Thursday, the staff and students of Cozad Elementary gave Physical Education teacher and athletic coach Karen LaBrayere a bit of gratitude that doesn’t even touch the ‘thanks’ that she deserves for all that she has done for the community of Cozad during her 29 years of coaching along with teaching education and life lessons. Using methods that knockout the ‘roll out the ball’ educators, LaBrayere has stayed on the cutting edge with kids being intrigued to become more physical fit each day. On Thursday, the day started with music, dancing and exercising. Along with the elevated heart rate that was achieved, smiles and a sense of pride beamed from students and staff at Cozad Elementary for their very own Superstar, Karen LaBrayere. She is as strong as a Yellow Brick and dependable as a Yellow Brick. She is humble like a Yellow Brick. Karen is a walking, talking example of a Bright Yellow Brick. 

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