Hoehner Named New Camp Comeca Manager

Coming back to his roots of Nebraska is Kearney-native Justin Hoehner to be the new Camp Comeca Manager starting on March 27th. 
Justin and his family come to the Dawson County area from being an employee at Palomar Christian Conference Center in Palomar Mountain, California since 2013. 
Prior to working in California, Justin got his start in the camp journey as a counselor at Carolina Creek Christian Camp in Huntsville, Texas and that led to a full-time position in Huntsville as well. He served a vareity of camp roles with excellence. It was at this time that he met his significant other Amy, the pair got married in 2014 and have recently had an addition to their family with the birth of a little girl, Brooklyn. 
Justin Hoehner is excited for the opportunity to lead Camp Comeca as the camp’s new manager. 

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