Reynolds Becomes Certified In Diabetic Wound Care

Jillian Reynolds, RN and WCC in The Cozad Community Hospital Wound Care Clinic and Central Plains Home Health and Hospice recently added an additional certification behind her name, DWC.
Reynolds became an RN in 2002 and became interested in wound care through the wound VAC at Central Plains Home Health and Hospice.
She passed the national exam to become board certified in Diabetic Wound Care earlier this fall through the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy. She had become Wound Care Certified in February 2015 through the same alliance.
The diabetic wound management program focuses on overall diabetic wound care and promotion of an optimal wound-healing environment including prevention, limb salvage, and therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions.
The National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy is the governing body that grants eligible candidates the DWC certification after they have passed the rigorous national exam.
The certification objective is to demonstrate a candidate’s competency and mastery of essential knowledge and skills of diabetic skin and wound management as they relate to complications of the disease.
The role of the DWC is based upon expert evidence based clinical knowledge and skills that are practiced in acute, outpatient, long-term care and home care settings. The DWC provides direct patient care, necessary patient education, prevention measures through comprehensive assessment, referrals and continuing evaluation of high-risk diabetic patients and all types of diabetic wounds.
According to Dr. Robert Dyer, Director at Cozad Community Physical Therapy, “We are fortunate to have Jillian working in our wound care clinic. She has worked hard to become certified in diabetic wound care. Her efforts will continue to raise the level of care that we provide in our facility and home health agency.” 
Wendy Thome, Director at Central Plains Home Health and Hospice added, “In addition to the outpatient wound clinic, Jill’s knowledge and experience in wound care has benefited numerous home health patients. Jill is able to make visits to patients’ homes, assess their wound and recommend the most effective treatment to the physician, all without the patient leaving their home.”

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