New Owners Excited To Keep Bella Italia's Strong Tradition Going

Patrons of Cozad will continue to get the chance to eat an authentic Italian cuisine, as Victor and Mark Diaz are now the new owners of the Bella Italia Restaurant. 
Victor and Mark conversed with former owners Shadi and Becky Aboushady and knew the situation the couple were in as a result of health conditions. The Diaz brothers found the situation to be a perfect scenario to live out a dream of owning a restaurant. “I have always wanted to be a chef,” expressed Mark Diaz. 
Mark Diaz will be working in the kitchen and Victor Diaz is going to be in charge of the front end of the restaurant. 
During the process of taking over ownership, Mark has been shadowing and learning the skills it takes to cook authentic Italian food from chef Shadi Aboushady. “I can’t thank him enough for all that he (Shadi) has taught me about preparing fresh food to be served in a restaurant.” 
“All of the dishes and ingredients will continue to be made from scratch and fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, everything  fresh including meat and fish will be made fresh,” stated Mark Diaz. “There are items used in food preparation and in cooking that are imported from Italy. 
The Bella Italia Restaurant currently will continue to be open for business as usual under the leadership of Victor and Mark Diaz. 

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