Council Views Police Department's Body-Worn Camera Demonstration

The Cozad City Council met for a regular meeting on Monday, December 5, 2016.
City Attorney Scott Trusdale swore into office Charlie Block and Ron Olds who were elected for full four-year terms in November’s general election. 
Cozad Police Officer John Peden presented a video demonstration of the body worn cameras being utilized by the Cozad Police Department.
A public hearing was held concerning a contract amendment to the Community Development Block Grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. Dawson Area Development Director Jen McKeone explained that some of the funds could be reallocated from the streets and commercial facilities part in the grant if approved by the council. The council members gave their approval for the amendment.
Keith Marvin from Marvin Associates appeared for a public hearing on the new Comprehensive Development Plan and Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. Two ordinances were approved by the council members concerning the plan.
Under Old Business, discussion continued on the recycling center surveillance cameras. The present cameras have poor quality and Police Chief Randy Adams had researched the matter and found that the system could be upgraded with two new cameras at a cost of $700 each. These cameras would have 1080 pixels compared to the 720 pixels on the present cameras and have a much wider field of view. Software needed for the surveillance videos to be downloaded and sent to the city office would be $149. The matter was tabled until the next meeting.
 Under New Business, DAD Executive Director Jen McKeone approached the council members to consider amending the guidelines for the USDA Redlg projects from the current 50 per cent equity requirement to 20 percent. 
“If they can afford 50 per cent equity they really don’t need this program,” McKeone explained. “At 20 percent it is much more affordable and accessible to those who need it,” she continued.
The council approved amending the guidelines.
The council members granted a resolution approving the matching funds of $58,000 for the Hospital Foundation Project after being explained by McKeone. These matching funds will be used toward the purchase of new equipment for the hospital. “This is a win-win situation for the hospital foundation and the City of Cozad,” McKeone said.
Council members also gave their stamp of approval for a new USDA Redlg Revolving Loan Fund involving the old Dollar General Building at 807 Meridian Street.  The building will be renovated to house two businesses with one being a new Cozad business and the other an expansion of an existing business. The loan request is for $220,000 for ten years with monthly payments being made to repay the loan.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 19, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.

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