Gothenburg Native Nordin Publishes First Poetry Musings

Nebraska author and poet as well as Gothenburg native, Matthew E. Nordin, is publishing his first poetry collection entitled Musings of the Northern Poet this December.
Musing of the Northern Poet, Matthew Nordin said, is influenced by his love of God, his wife, and the Renaissance festivals.  This collection of syllabic poetry will enlighten the reader through its couplets and verse. From his best poems written while attending Bible college, to his lighter works from his involvement at local Ren Faires, these poems seek to inspire and reach the frontiers of the mind’s emotions. Split into three sections, it is the author’s desire to have others experience his life's passions: faith, hope, and love.
Matthew Nordin is a speculative fiction writer, poet, and a midwestern traveler. He became a sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast during his years attending a one-room, country school near his childhood home of Gothenburg, Nebraska. 
As an avid reader of poetry, Matthew found himself creating over one hundred poems throughout  his days at Gothenburg High School.  
After high school, he earned a double Bachelor's of Science in Christian Education and Biblical Studies from Grace University in Omaha. 
He met his wife, Lisa, while performing at a Renaissance Festival with Evengard Improv, a theater troupe he co-founded and now leads. They have enjoyed performing in hundreds of shows at some of the most unique locations.
This first poetry collection is being published through Dot’s Consultant, Management, & Micro-Publishing House and is currently available for sale on-line, through social media, or through direct contact with Matthew Nordin. 

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