Details Of Community Garden Discussed At School Board Meeting

The Cozad Community Schools Board of Education met for a regular meeting on Monday, November 14, 2016. 
Prior to the meeting an audit report via teleconference call took place with Marcy Luth of Almquist, Maltzahn, Galloway & Luth. The audit report was approved for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2016, as was a response letter for the Nebraska Department of Education.
The board acknowledged the resignation of Darrel Francescato as Head Volleyball Coach, effective immediately and the resignation of Denise Halouska, CEEC Para-professional effective December 23, 2016.
Board members approved the transfer from General Fund to Activity Accounts in the amount of $6500 distributed to the following accounts: Speech, $4000; One Acts, $2000 and National Honor Society, $500.
The Board approved the revision to the funding of students who qualify for National Competitions such as FCCLA and FBLA. The students do raise most of the costs through fundraising and the Cozad Schools Foundation.
Also approved were revisions to the policies concerning the Board Member Code of Ethics and Vacancies.
Discussion continued on the CCS 403(b) plan document with a follow-up from last month’s decision to move forward with Marcy Luth’s recommendation to amend the document to allow in-service contributions for employees prior to age 59 ½ and also to add the option to convert traditional 403(b) investments to Roth 403(b) investments.
Discussion also took place concerning the Restitution Civil Suit Update. The school recently received notice that the inactivity of the case had actually surpassed the five-year limit. An order has been filed to ‘revive’ the case, which resulted in a notice being sent out allowing the person involved 30 days to respond to the order. After this timeline, the execution and garnishment will be filed.
Cozad resident Bill Clark appeared with additional information concerning his proposed community garden on school property east of the high school football field. 
“I have visited with the accountants at France & McNally in Cozad and it won’t cost the school one cent as the garden will be funded entirely by grants,” Clark reported.
Clark had met with Cozad City Water Commissioner Dallas Nichols concerning the water, and a new water line cannot be installed on the property. 
Clark is seeking help from the Cozad Development Corporation and the Cozad Development Foundation and noted that Marcia Fritz has agreed to serve on the governing board.
“All gardeners will be required to sign two papers,” Clark continued. “One is a release from harm that will cover liability issues that might arise. The other is a document signing the rules of conduct that will include such items as children needing to be supervised and not taking vegetables from another plot,” he explained. 
Superintendent Joel Applegate reported that the legalities have been taken care of for the proposal and that the school would retain control of the property.
Superintendent Applegate reported to the board on his discussion with Ed Kucirek concerning the HVAC at the high school. Two bids for boilers and ventilation systems out of locker rooms are being sought and it is hoped that the work will begin as soon as the students vacate the building at the end of the second semester.
The board entered into a closed meeting for the purpose of discussing negotiations for 2017-2018 at 12:52 p.m. and adjourned at 1:15 p.m.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 19, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

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