Dawson County Races Attract Major Interest

Attention focused upon many contested Dawson County races during the General Election Tuesday.
In the highly contested race for the Cozad School Board there will three candidates that earn seats at the table which include: Ann Burkholder (1,121), Michele Starman (1,080) and Joel Carlson (949). Dallas Schroeder and Troy Hosick were inked on 753 and 747, ballots, respectively.  
In the Lexington School Board race every vote was important, as Carlso Saiz led the way with 1,718 votes. Larry Steinberger (1,666) and Cindy Benjamin (1,556) were close behind Saiz to fill the three opening spots. Al Copper was in the mix as well with 1,249 votes. 
The trio of Jeremy Sitorius (1,396), Becky Jobman (1,073) and Kyle Fornoff (911) will all be members of the Board of Education in Gothenburg as a result of the voting.
In Elwood, the votes for School Board were quite close for the three open seats. Kelly Gydesen (119), Shelly Jorges (108), Nicholas Niemeier (65)Thomas Martin (62) all gained valuable votes. 
For the Eustis/Farnam school district, the three openings will be filled by Ginger Craig (143), John Keller (141) and Alam Smith (132). 
Running for City Council in Lexington: Dora Vivas (1,504), Jeremy Roberts (1,311) and Linda Miller (1,034) all earned spots. 
In Cozad, Ronald Olds (636) earned an East Ward position. On the flipside, Charles Block (646) was voted on in the West Ward. 
Gothenburg City Council saw Randall Waskowiak (649) and Jeffrey Kennedy (571) earn positions. 
For the Village of Farnam; Calvin Krepcik (55), Charley Johnson (53) and Cory Heath (34) were the top vote getters. Dan Widick (32) was close behind. 
On the ballot, Adrian Smith running uncontested for United States Congress Nebraska District Three earned 7,281 votes in Dawson County. 
In the running for Dawson County Commissioner seats on the ticket, Dean Kugler (1,958), PJ Jacobson (1,664) and Butch Hagan (812) all retained their district’s seats while running uncontested. 
The Referendum No. 426 on the death penalty resulted in a repeal (5,470-2,735) in Dawson County which followed the rest of Nebraska’s vote. 
Voting for the next United States President in Dawson County showed Trump/Pence (5,935) having an edge over Clinton/Kaine (2,116), Johnson/Weld (377) and Stein/Baraka (58). 
There were 8,789 ballots cast in Dawson County for the Primary Election, which was over 60 percent of the registered voters in the county.  

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