Three Inductees Are Honored At Cozad Fall Ball Ceremony

“Why Me?” is a famous gospel, hymn, written by Kris Kristofferson in 1972. 
“Why Me?” is the question asked by Rob Quillen, keynoter at the Cozad Hospital Foundation Fall Ball, October 15th. The answers are found in the “hearts” of all of those seated at lovely tables, set as an evening of elegant golds and shimmering stars, all lighted by the huge crystal chandelier and subtle candlelight. 
“Why Me?” is answered by noting that Rob Quillen was in New York City on September 11th, 2001. He was there to experience the planes diving into the World Trade Center. He was there to depend on friends and people he did not know, who assisted in his return to Nebraska. 
“The day was horrific,” Rob said. “However, everything happens for a reason. On September 10th, I was on an airplane coming into the Neward Airport, talking to the man next to me. We talked about families, our careers and our dreams. He was a pilot, whit his schedule set for him to take the controls on the flight to San Francisco on September 11th.”
“You can already anticipate the scenerio of this story. Yes, Jason Dahl is the pilot of the plane that is downed in Pennsylvania. His dreams for his family are drastically changed. What I found is that I could help Jason’s family by making  a dream come true, one that Jason shared with me on our flight. That dream was to take his son Matt to the NASCAR races, featuring Jeff Gordon. What a grand celebration! Dreams for Jason’s family continue today with the creation of a special Foundation for youth. 
“Tonight, I ask that you think of someone for whom you can make a dream come true. I am not talking about spending money. I am challenging you to make a decision to tell someone that you love them, that you have a compassion for their success, that you care.”
“Why wait?”
The Fall Ball highlighted the three inductees into the Cozad Hospital Foundation Healthcare Hall of Fame. Admidst tears and standing ovations, the honorees are Carol Gibson, Carolyn Griese and Shirley Heidebrink. 
Cozad Community Hospital Administrator Lyle Davis presented Phase II regarding Meadowlark Pointe. The plan is for the 22,000 square foot addition to encompass a 14-bed Memory Care Unit and a 12-bed Heavy Assisted Living Complex. With this plan, it provides additional employment opportunities and economic growth to the Cozad Community. 
“In Cozad, we do what we do because it is the right thing to do. Currently, the Cozad Community Hospital System is Debt Free! As we anticipate our growth, the addidtion cost is set between $4-4.5 million dollars,” Lyle Davis explained.
The theme for the evenign goes back to “Why Wait?” The Cozad community is anticipating, waiting and watching for the “Ground Breaking Ceremony.”
The “Why Me?” provides the challenge, as the gospel hymn words are, “What did I ever do to deserve even one of the pleasures I’ve known?”
The pleasures are the recognition of those inducted into the Hall of Fame. The pleasures are the opportunities to sit with famiy and friends, enjoying delicous foods, served by members of the Cozad High School FBLA organization. The pleasures are celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the founding of the Cozad Hospital Foundation. The pleasures are the visionaries, who plan growth for the Cozad Community. 
The pleasures, accolades and memories are infinite. 
“Everything happens for a reason.”

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