Dr. Teetor Unveiled As 2016 Nebraska Medical Association Young Physician Of The Year

The Nebraska Medical Association awards honor physicians who have gone above and beyond to serve the practice of medicine and their patients. Nominations for Young Physician of the Year recognize physicians for their medical contributions to their community and distinguished service to patients.
The 2016 NMA Young Physician of the Year award recipient is Doctor Travis Teetor. Dr. Teetor is originally from Lexington, Nebraska. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Education degrees in Exercise Science and Athletic Training from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He graduated from UNMC and completed his residency training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Dr. Teetor is board certified in both anesthesiology and pediatric anesthesiology and practices in Omaha at Boys Town National Research Hospital. 
Dr. Teetor was nominated by the Metro Omaha Medical Society. They stated that beginning while in training and continuing today, Dr. Teetor has been active within the medical community, public health, legislative arena and his community. He has been an advocate for the practice of medicine and Nebraska patients, providing review and oversight to the NMA on various regulatory and legislative issues. He regularly meets with his senator and other senators on various health care related legislative issues, as well as candidates running for the state legislature. His involvement was particularly valuable related to the CRNA VA issue. 
Dr. Teetor has been involved with the implementation of dental anesthesia training protocols and been instrumental in setting examples on how to work as a team in an interdisciplinary fashion with other health care providers across the state. He continues to be engaged in establishing crucial relationships.
A huge proponent in young physician involvement not only in Omaha but throughout the state, Dr. Teetor encourages his peers to become involved and stay involved as advocates for their patients and their profession. He has attended events of the Metro Omaha Medical Society Early Career Physicians group and authored an article in the Physician Bulletin urging his peers to be involved.
Dr. Teetor currently serves on the Nebraska State Board of Health and is on the board of the Metro Omaha Medical Society. He is president-elect for the Nebraska Society of Anesthesiologists, past president of the UNMC House Officer Association and is a volunteer mentor for the Metro Omaha Medical Society student mentoring event. Dr. Teetor serves on the NMA's Legislative Committee and the Specialty/Subspecialty Societies Committee. 
Dr. Teetor's demonstrated commitment to his profession, his specialty and his community has set a standard for other young physicians. He leads by example and is no doubt deserving of recognition for his willingness to be involved, his knowledge of issues impacting medicine, and his efforts to make his voice heard.

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