Walker's Steak House To Close On September 25th

Starting a new chapter will be Steve Walker, the owner of Walker’s Steak House after the facility closes its doors on September 25th. 
Walker is very thankful for the continued support of patrons from across Dawson County as well as the visitors from far and wide that frequent Walker’s Steak House. “I didn’t realize how many people truly made enjoying a meal at Walker’s a part of their lives,” expressed Steve Walker. “The community of Gothenburg especially has been very supportive of the Steak House from the begining.”
“I will miss the morning preparation work of opening the Steak House with the freshly made products,” stated Walker. “I have made pies and rolls for people to take home and enjoy, but after the business closes, that will be the end of the chapter of working in the food industry.”
Walker’s family has always been a valuable component of the success of Walker’s Steak House, by filling in the gaps as employees whereever needed. Steve has a few employees that still remain from when he ran the Snack Shack as well. His daughter usually took care of the bar side of the business. His son, became a cook after assisting in any way possible while growing up. Steve hopes to spend more time enjoying family and friends, time that he missed during the tenure as a restaurant owner. 
Steve has been deeply involved in the food service and restaurant business for many years. He started working in a Cafe in Gothenburg when he was 10 years old and then worked for his mother in Nita’s Cafe growing up. 
His mom closed the doors to Nita’s Cafe around the time that Steve was set to graduate from high school in 1973. Soon after he graduated from high school, with limited funds available of his own, He approached the First State Bank and was approved for a loan to open up his own cafe.  
After getting the cafe business up and running, it was time for an expansion and Steve moved the business to the former Kelly’s Cafe in 1979. It was eight years later, that he and his sister joined forces to open the Snack Shack in the domed building south of the train tracks in Gothenburg. The Snack Shack remained open for 13 years until family concerns caused Steve to step away from the food business and take care of his daughters while selling cars for a living. 
It was in 1998, that Walker was approached by many individuals that persuaded him to purchase the current Walker’s Steak House that had been closed due to foreclosure after only eight months in operation. I checked with my bankers and was able to secure a loan to purchase the facility and felt that my success of former restuarants along with my knowledge and experience would be a welcome sign to the community of Gothenburg. 
“I felt at the time, that Gothenburg needed a place that could serve fast food as well as a place that patrons could sit down and enjoy a dinner,” explained Walker. 
Walker took on new challenges of being a restuarant owner each day and didn’t quit until he had succeeded. The amount of holiday parties and wedding celebrations that have been hosted by Steve at Walker’s Steak House are too many to count, expressed Steve. He learned early on that it was very important to be flexible in hosting private parties as well as keeping the restuarant open to the public. 
Some of the items that will always be remembered are the homemade pies and rolls, chicken fried steaks, chicken fried chicken, prime rib, homemade onion rings and one of the Snack Shack favorites, the pizza burger. “I tried to carry over the Snack Shack menu into the Steak House menu for patrons to continue to enjoy,” stated Walker. 
Cooking and baking the homemade products that are available on the menu at Walker’s will be moments that Steve Walker will miss after the doors close for the final time at Walker’s Steak House, but then again on the flipside, Walker can’t wait to wake up in the morning’s and have no plans and not have to worry about the every day chores and work of running a steak house. 

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