Wrestling The Bacon

The fans in the stands were ecstatic about the third annual Pig Wrestling Competition at the Dawson County Fair in Lexington on Saturday night.

There were several people in attendance that enjoyed every minute of the pig vs. human battle. Nearly 40 teams competed to see who was the fastest to place their piglet or hog for the adults into the barrel backside first.


Some of the teams suffered failure against the pesky pigs, but many posted times that powered past the 16 second range to stop the watch.

In all, the fun and competition was a crowd pleasing event with everybody in attendance as a spectator or competitor left with a smile on their face from all the excitement that was enjoyed.

There were kids from age six as the youngest competitors all the way to the adult wrestlers that competed.

Dawson County Fair
Pig Wrestling Results

--Age 6-9 years old: 1.?The MiHami Heat; 2.Pig Team.
--Age 10-12 years old: 1. Aint’ Our First Rodeo; 2. Mustangs.
--Age 13-16 years old: 1. Slippery Bandits; 2. Ham Slam.
--Womens:? 1. Big E’s Bacon Wranglers; 2. Stinging Squealers.
--Mens:  1. Double-T JD?Hoggers; 2. Heath’s Team.


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