Cozad Police Reminds Citizens Unlicensed Or Inoperable Vehicles Violate City Ordinance PDF Print E-mail

While traveling around the 100th Meridian City, a person can see that there are many vehicles that have been sitting alongside the curbs and/or in driveways that are breaking the law.

The City of Cozad Ordinance 6-249 reads that no unlicensed or inoperable vehicle shall be permitted to remain on any private or public property for any length of time. The Cozad Police Department will issue a notice of abatement, which allows 10 days to correct the violation. The Municipality may enter upon the property and cause the said vehicle to be towed, with the owner of the property being responsible for the costs.

Around Cozad there are many dismantled, inoperable, wrecked, junked and/or unlicensed vehicles. This includes any motor vehicle, trailer, camper, boat, boat trailer, personal watercraft or anything towed by a motor vehicle, which requires licensing.


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