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The Tri-City Tribune will be seeing a familiar face with a new title. Kelly Ninas, Sports Editor, has recently been named the Managing Editor by Publisher, Nancy Dorsey. Ninas first came to the Tribune in 2008 and has since become a familiar presence in the area as he covered activities and events.

It is evident Ninas has enjoyed and excelled in his work each and every week that the Tri-City TRIBUNE is published. “Kelly has exceeded the expectations of being just a sports editor and photographer. He has shown great leadership and has a developed strengths in covering both news and sporting events,” expressed Tri-City TRIBUNE Publisher Nancy Dorsey.

Kelly Ninas easily fits into the communities that are encompassed and his enthusiasm for people of all ages is noteworthy. “Every event or activity that resulted in student-athletes and/or participants achieving success has been very touching, to see the raw emotion displayed by the participants, no matter the outcome are priceless,” Ninas commented. “The area activities have kept me busy and happy, as the demeanor of the athletes, coaches and fans has been very pleasant and supportive of teammates and fellow competitors.”

Kyle Hoehner, Principal at Lexington High School, has known and worked with Ninas for seven years. Ninas taught Physical Education and Social Science at Lexington and Cody-Kilgore High.  “He first taught/coached at LHS and then as a Trib sports staff person while I was both AD and Principal at LHS,” Hoehner commented. “I think Kelly's greatest attributes are his enthusiasm and passion for sports. He is also a friendly, approachable person. I think Kelly will work hard to continue the success that has been established and maintained at the Trib throughout the past.”

Ninas comes from Atkinson, Nebraska and graduated with a B.A. of Arts degree in Secondary Education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2004. Ninas has a coaching certificate and coaching experience in volleyball, basketball, track and baseball. Ninas explained, “I have a love for sports that is second-to-none, and to have the chance to spotlight and highlight success individually or honor teams has been very rewarding. I knew as a coach that it was important to the team and individuals to get their credit due in the publications that showcased the TRIBUNE-area athletes and standouts. To have the passion to give the student-athletes the best coverage possible has been my method of working hard to promote the accomplishments of all-student athletes.”

Tim Hansen, a retired Cozad High School Counselor, remembers Ninas as a UNK football player before he came to Cozad. They have worked on several local story projects together.  “I believe Kelly will be a tremendous asset in his new position. He is a bright, hard working, personable young man. He has gotten to know many of the people of our community,” Hansen said. “He is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects. I really appreciate the fact that he tries to take a positive approach to all of the articles he writes. I think that has been the approach of the Tribune for many years as opposed to the negative approach that many of the news outlets of today seem to think they need to take.”

Ninas has worn many hats for the area newspaper in the past few years including that of photographer. “Photography has been a learning experience, as I have gotten to experience failure and success in shooting photographs,” He explained. “I have a grandmother that was an avid photographer, but she wasn’t around by the time I started shooting photos, but it is evidence that there is creativity being pushed to the envelope by myself.”

Ninas’s new position starts immediately and his outstanding work is noted in the community. “I hope the Trib can continue to be the major news outlet for Dawson County and the surrounding area. I truly believe Kelly will continue the positive approach to reporting everything from city, county, social, and school news area,” Hansen said. “I am very pleased to see the Trib continue the outstanding effort and product that they have provided for many years. I look forward to receiving my paper every week and truly enjoy reading the news that they bring to us.”

The job description may vary some but Ninas will continue with many of his current assignments. Ninas is passionate about his new position. “I feel that in the next five years, it is important to continue the current efforts and strive for excellence in covering the events throughout the TRIBUNE coverage area. The TRIBUNE is an awarding winning newspaper that will continue to receive accolades for excellence in the future. I feel that the use of multimedia along with current print editions of the paper and the use of social media will further enhance the experience that patrons of the Tri-City TRIBUNE deserve.”

Ninas is humble as he accepts this new challenge. “It is an honor to fill a leadership role of an awarding winning newspaper that is recognized for excellence by fellow newspapers throughout the state of Nebraska. I hope that the Tri-City TRIBUNE can continue to fulfill the needs for news and sports of loyal subscribers and new subscribers under my leadership to the best of the ability of the staff at the TRIBUNE.”


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