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Johnson Lake water levels will vary this fall due to an angler access improvement project near the lake’s inlet that will be implemented by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The lake will stay at regular summer levels until September 1st, 2014, after which The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District will use the water already in the lake to finish the final runs of irrigation season, which is set to end September 8th. Following this small drawdown, the lake will return to normal operating levels until October 8th, 2014, when a more significant drawdown will begin to prepare for the angler access project. How much the lake declines will depend on water supply, but could be as much as 10 feet below normal lake levels.

Central’s Civil Engineer Cory Steinke says that all shore stations will need to be out of the water before October 8th. During the project, NGPC will be working near the inlet structure adding sidewalks, rock shoals and piers near the water’s edge. The project is expected to last into late fall or early winter. Following completion, water will return to normal winter operating levels.

This large drawdown will provide for any maintenance work cabin owners need to do. Central’s land administration staff is prepared to help any customers with obtaining necessary permits in preparation for the drawdown.


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